Frequently asked Questions
How to get points for the Wheel of Fortune?
1. Daily you can get 200 points for voting on MMOTOP. You can vote on the server page on the website MMOTOP When voting MANDATORY you need to enter your account login (game account), no points are awarded for the character's nickname. Read more in the article: I want a bun! Or how to vote on MMOTOP? 2. For feedback about the server on the site MMOTOP Read more in the article: MMOTOP Review Award 3. Monthly you can get points for activity in the VK group Icarus Phoenix. You can read more in the article: VK group activity rewards
I ran out of quests after the dungeon Breach?
Make a teleport to the Maelstrom Perch, location Tritael Rift. IMPORTANT! To continue the quest line, the character must be level 40.
Did I run out of quests after the Temple of the Sands dungeon?
Make a teleport to the Golden Peak, the location of the Cloying Wastes. IMPORTANT! To continue the quest line, the character must be level 45.
I'm new, do you have a gift for me?
Of course yes! When you enter the game, a gift is waiting for you in Ellora's storage! You can read more here: New Player Gift
Error: Unable to initialize Updater. Error: Version.ini
The launcher itself does not need to be pulled out of the client folder, if you want to create a shortcut on the desktop, then right-click on the launcher \"Create shortcut on the desktop\".
Error: Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistrib utable (x64) is not installed. Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistrib utable (x64) is not installed.
Windows does not have Visual C++ libraries installed. We go to the folder with the game, select our system, if you have a 32-bit one, then the Bin32/Redist folder, or a 64-bit one, then the Bin64/Redist folder, and run the Visual C ++ library installers. Those. file vcredist_2008_sp1_x64 and wait until this package is installed. Next vcredist_2010_sp1_x64 .
Does not open in full screen, the game does not have your monitor resolution.
We exit the game completely and run Launcher.exe from the game folder. Next, we need to go to the settings? \"Settings\" button. In the \"Graphics\" section, select the settings we need for your video card.
In the game, everything lags, freezes and throws out constantly - incorrect 3D settings.
Go to the NVIDIA control panel in the item \"3D settings\" - Adjust image settings with preview. In the form that opens, select the item \"Settings according to the 3D application\".
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