Icarus Phoenix

Free online multiplayer game,
the events of which take place in the magical world of Midlas,
full of secrets and exciting adventures.
Discover the vastness of a new world, become a part of it and write your name in history!


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Fantastic flights

Become a Rider and fly high into the sky, there you will discover an exciting fantasy world of MMORPG with incredible adventures!

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Battles in the sky

Tame and train formidable winged beasts, they will become your faithful helpers in exciting battles filled with adrenaline!

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Tame mythical animals

Traveling through the epic world of Midlas, collect various mythical beasts, from fire-breathing dragons to majestic war horses, which can be used both ground and flying mounts, and they can also be made pets.

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Explore an epic world

Discover the world of wonders and dangers by starting a heroic quest that will take you from the beautiful capital of Hakanas to the open worlds of Midlas. Riders Phoenix is a fantastic adventure with a dynamic plot.

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Embark on a heroic journey

Embark on an epic journey with your friends or guild members to complete challenging tasks of heroic or legendary difficulty. Conquer the most dangerous dungeons in the team to protect the world of Midlas from the returning ancient evil.